Spanish Foods

Each Hispanic country has famous local dishes but there are a few that are recognized around the world. Some of these don’t even require cooking. In ceviche fish is covered in lemon or lime juice and the acid in the juice makes it ready to eat. Gazpacho is a soup originally from Spain and is made from raw tomatoes and other vegetables. Usually gazpacho is eaten in warm weather to help everyone cool down. Cebollita is a dish of pickled onions from Nicaragua served on the side of meals.

Of course there are also foods that must be cooked! Stuffed poblanos are a kind of chili pepper stuffed with black beans and cheese. Tamales, a meal made from masa (a corn-based dough) stuffed with meats, cheeses, vegetables and chili peppers, is cooked in leaves. Flan, a kind of Spanish custard made with caramel and vanilla, is a popular Hispanic dessert.

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