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50 Languages, 35,000+ Activities

DinoLingo is an award-winning language learning platform for kids, featuring lessons in 50 different languages and over 35,000 interactive activities. Whether you’re interested in teaching Spanish, French, German, or any other language, DinoLingo turns language learning into a fun and easy experience for children. See All 50 Languages.

Developed Specifically For children

Dinolingo online language app is ideal for children between 2 and 14 years old, including preschoolers, kindergarteners, elementary school, middle school, and high school students. It’s also used by adults too. Yaaaay!!

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

DinoLingo offers a unique language learning method tailored specifically for kids, designed to make the process both engaging and enjoyable. With just 15 minutes of daily practice on computers or mobile devices, children can significantly expand their vocabulary. Whether at home, school, or on the go, DinoLingo ensures a fun and effective language learning experience.

I found the lessons from Dinolingo heart warming and engaging. My kids loved the dinosaurs and were so proud of the words they learned. The animation was very cute and everything was easy to follow.

Heidi B.

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How does Dinolingo teach?

1. Fun Videos

Watch Fun Language Learning Videos: Our carefully curated videos boost children’s confidence in speaking and understanding the language. These fun, kid-friendly videos support language learning by immersing children in visually engaging content that makes learning how to speak a new language exciting.

2. Interactive Games

Play Interactive Games for Kids: Engage your child with games that not only make language learning fun but also effectively reinforce their language skills. These interactive games are designed specifically for kids, providing a dynamic way to learn how to speak and understand a new language.

3. Educational Songs

Sing Along to Catchy Songs: Incorporate music into your child’s language learning journey. Our catchy songs aid in language retention, adding an enjoyable and memorable aspect to learning. Music is a powerful teaching tool that helps children learn how to speak new words and phrases through rhythm and repetition.

4. Stories and Folktales

Listen to Engaging Language Stories: Enhance your child’s understanding and appreciation of the language with our collection of audiobooks and stories. These engaging stories are perfect for kids, making language learning an immersive experience that builds both skills and enthusiasm for the language.

5. Worksheets, Posters, Flashcards and more

Download and print Worksheets and Flashcards for Language Learning: Utilize our downloadable posters, flashcards, and worksheets available on any device, facilitating free language learning at home or on the go. These resources are great for teaching language basics, helping children learn how to speak and understand the language through practical exercises.

My daughter loved it, the images kept her locked and loaded. She repeated words out loud while watching it and now she loves to show off her new language skills…

Autumn E.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

DinoLingo provides hundreds of fun and easy lessons making it ideal to learn a foreign language for beginners. Starting with Level 1, the program is simple and engaging, focusing on basic skills like greetings and everyday interactions using clear and straightforward language. As learners progress to Level 2, they are introduced to an expanded vocabulary. Level 3 moves into more complex sentences, culminating in Level 5, which includes extensive reading and writing exercises with longer sentences. To discover more visit CURRICULUM.

Game-Based Approach

With the game-based learning technique, children love learning languages on the Dinolingo platform while collecting rewards and improving their comprehension skills as they listen, speak, read, and write along their online adventure. On the portal, each language lesson is presented as a unit and each unit includes age-appropriate and engaging language learning activities, videos, games, songs, tests, printable worksheets, flashcards, and more. See HOW IT WORKS.

Total Immersion Method

Research shows that the immersion method is the most successful way for a child to learn a new language. The immersion method means there is no translation revealed in the native language during the course. In the Dinolingo immersion program, children are exposed to audio of the language language with supporting images and videos, and over time with practice, they begin to identify with what they see and hear while memorizing their new language. As supplementary support to parents and caregivers, Dinolingo does provide subtitles and text but reading or writing is not required for young users since developmentally many children are not reading ready.

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