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Introduce your child the Spanish language with Dinolingo, our award-winning app and website designed to make learning Spanish captivating and straightforward for kids between the ages 2 and 14. Our program is a perfect tool for all beginners and advanced levels from preschool to elementary school and high school.

Dinolingo’s game-based learning approach with rewards is a fun for kids, It not only facilitates effective learning of Spanish with tons of repetition but also makes the learning process extremely enjoyable.

Dinolingo turns language learning into fun. Our platform is equipped with educational videos, games, songs, audiobooks, stories, worksheets, flashcards, and posters, all designed to support young language learners including toddlers, kindergartners, preschoolers, elementary, middle and high school students. Read our method.

What is included in Dinolingo’s Spanish course?

Over 1,000 Spanish learning activities; Games, Videos, Songs, Stories, Worksheets, Flashcards and more, all resources under one umbrella.

  • Play Spanish Games: Interactive and fun, these games strengthen language skills while keeping learning light-hearted.
  • Watch Spanish Learning Videos: Our videos are crafted to help kids gain confidence in speaking and understanding Spanish.
  • Sing Along to Spanish Songs: Music enhances language retention and makes learning enjoyable.
  • Read Spanish Stories: Our audiobooks and stories deepen understanding and appreciation of the language.
  • Downloadable Spanish Resources: Posters, flashcards, and worksheets are accessible from any device, making it easy to learn Spanish free at home or on the go.

My daughter loved it, the images kept her locked and loaded. She repeated words out loud while watching it and now she loves to show off her new language skills…

Autumn E.

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Learn How to Speak Spanish for kids

Learning to speak Spanish with Dinolingo goes beyond language skills; it enhances cognitive functions like memory, problem-solving, and analytical thinking. Bilingual children are known to achieve higher academic success and exhibit better focus. checkout our blog for hundreds of language teaching tips for kids. Read The benefits of learning a second language.

Spanish Language and Culture

Learn more about the intricacies of Spanish language and its rich cultural heritage through our extensive collection of educational articles. Spanish food, music, art, dance, history and more. These resources are designed to broaden your child’s understanding of Spanish culture and motivate their learning journey.

Simple Family Subscription Plan

With one Dinolingo ultimate family subscription, you can add up to six children, granting access to 50 languages and over 35,000 interactive learning activities.

Not sure if Dinolingo is right for you? Start with our 7-day free trial to check out our extensive language content. You can cancel the subscription at any time, with access continuing until the current billing period ends.

I found the lessons from Dinolingo heart warming and engaging. My kids loved the dinosaurs and were so proud of the words they learned. The animation was very cute and everything was easy to follow.

Heidi B.

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Schools and Teachers:

Dinolingo provides a different website for educators looking to integrate Spanish lessons into their classrooms effectively. Our school platform supports comprehensive classroom management and the assignment of Spanish homework, enriching language education across educational environments. Schools and teachers, visit our school website here.


10 Fun Ways to Teach Kids Spanish

  1. Arts, Crafts, and Cooking: Conduct art projects and cooking sessions with instructions in Spanish. Whether you’re creating crafts or whipping up simple recipes from Spanish-speaking countries, these activities reinforce vocabulary related to everyday objects, colors, shapes, and food.
  2. Multimedia Learning: Incorporate children’s Spanish TV shows, movies, and YouTube videos. These resources are perfect for improving listening skills and familiarizing kids with different Spanish accents and dialects.
  3. Digital Games and Educational Apps: Utilize language learning apps and online games designed specifically for kids. These digital tools make learning Spanish vocabulary and grammar both fun and interactive.
  4. Cultural Education Through Music and Dance: Engage with the Spanish-speaking world’s rich cultures through music and dance. Learning and performing songs and dances from different countries help kids memorize vocabulary and understand cultural expressions.
  5. Language Practice with Peers and Community Classes: Arrange playdates or group activities with other children learning Spanish. Also, enrolling your child in community Spanish classes can provide structured learning and more opportunities to practice.
  6. Interactive Storytelling: Dive into Spanish books with rich illustrations and exciting narratives. Read together, use different voices for characters, and discuss the story to make reading time engaging and memorable.
  7. Explore Spanish-Speaking Venues and Cultural Events: Visit cultural festivals, Spanish restaurants, and markets where Spanish is spoken. This real-world exposure is excellent for hearing Spanish in everyday situations and encourages kids to use the language naturally.
  8. Regular Spanish Days at Home: Set specific days to speak only Spanish at home—from morning routines to evening bedtime stories. This full-day immersion helps make Spanish a natural part of your child’s everyday life.
  9. Visual and Physical Language Games: Use flashcards and story cubes for interactive games. Flashcards can be used for memory or matching games, while story cubes inspire kids to create stories using new Spanish vocabulary.
  10. Setting Goals and Celebrating Achievements: Set clear, achievable goals for learning Spanish and celebrate milestones with rewards. This keeps the learning process exciting and motivates kids to continue improving their skills.

Fun Facts About the Spanish Language for Kids!

Spanish in the United States

Did you know Spanish is the second most spoken language in the USA? Lots of children learn Spanish in schools all across the country.

Where Does Spanish Come From?

Spanish has some cool roots! It comes from Latin, the language that the Romans spoke a long, long time ago. That’s why many Spanish words might sound a bit like English words. For example, the Spanish word “importante” means “important” in English. They sound alike, right?

Spanish All Over the World

Not just people in Spain speak Spanish, but also millions of people in Mexico, Central America, and South America. Each place has its own special way of speaking Spanish. For example, in Argentina and Uruguay, people say ‘vos’ instead of ‘tú’ which both mean ‘you’. And in Mexico, they use some words that the native people there, like the Aztecs, used long ago!

Here at Dinolingo, we teach the Latin American Spanish dialect. That means we use the kind of Spanish that lots of people speak in places like Mexico, Columbia, and Peru.

Spanish at the United Nations

Spanish is super important in the world. It’s one of the six official languages used at the United Nations. That means when people from different countries have meetings there, they often speak in Spanish to understand each other.

Why Learning Spanish is Awesome!

Learning Spanish is great for kids! It helps them make new friends, understand different people and their cultures, and makes them smarter. Being bilingual can also help them in future jobs. Spanish isn’t just about learning new words; it’s about connecting with people and discovering new ways of life. It’s a fun adventure that opens up a big, exciting world!

These methods combine education with fun activities to spark children’s interest in learning Spanish. By integrating these strategies into your child’s routine, you’ll help them develop a strong foundation in the language while enjoying the rich cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. For a comprehensive and structured approach try DinoLingo Spanish for a 7-day free trial to enhance your child’s language learning experience.

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