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The best language learning app for children

Embark on a vibrant language-learning journey with the Dinolingo app, designed especially for curious young minds eager to explore the world of languages. Whether your child is a preschooler, a kindergartener, or a middle school student, Dinolingo offers an engaging and interactive platform tailored to their learning needs.

With the Dinolingo app, children can dive into over 50 languages through fun games, captivating videos, catchy songs, enchanting stories, and interactive worksheets. Our game-based approach makes learning enjoyable and effective, allowing kids to absorb new vocabulary, phrases, and cultural insights effortlessly.

From Spanish to Japanese, French to German, and beyond, Dinolingo provides a comprehensive language-learning experience for kids of all ages. Whether your little one is just starting their language-learning journey or aiming for fluency, the Dinolingo app is the perfect companion to ignite their curiosity and foster a lifelong love for languages.

Download the Dinolingo app today and unlock a world of language learning for your child!

App Subscriptions:

  • Free Trial: Try Dinolingo free for 7 days before deciding on a subscription.
  • Price: $19.99 / month or $199.99 / year.
  • Whether you subscribe on our website on on our apps, you should be able use all three platforms with the same email address and password.
  • All subscriptions renew automatically unless canceled through the app store. By subscribing, you agree to these terms.
  • Subscription Required: Access to content requires a subscription.


To cancel your subscription, please go to the platform where you initially signed up. If you subscribed through the App Store, access your device settings -> Subscriptions. Your access will remain active until the current billing cycle concludes, and refunds are not available.

If you signed up on our website, please visit our customer portal to manage your subscription.

Terms and Privacy:

Terms of Use: https://help.dinolingo.com/article/494-terms

Privacy Policy: https://help.dinolingo.com/article/493-privacy

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