About European Portuguese Culture

Portugal is a small country in the Iberian Peninsula, an almost perfect rectangle facing the Atlantic Ocean and bordering Spain. The population is only a little over 10 million people, but the culture is very rich, with a long history and traditions for all sorts of aspects in their day to day life, like holidays, cooking, dancing, playing and making art.

There are also two archipelagos (sets of islands that are near each other) that belong to Portugal, called the Açores and Madeira. They are very beautiful with lush green hills and much warmer than the continent, but the culture there isn’t very different, because all their habitants came from the mainland centuries ago.

Although this makes Portugal population smaller than New York’s, the landscape of the country is very different from the green mountains in the north to the deserts in the south, with beaches all around. That means all these small places give Portugal a little bit of everything, and its main activities are agriculture in the north and center of the country, and fishing by the seaside.

There are many things to discover in Portugal, like its traditional music and dances, such as fado and fandango, delicious and healthy food recipes, and holiday customs that bring everyone together. Tradition is very important to the Portuguese people, as they’re very proud of their achievements!

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