About Greece: Flag, population, food, geography and more

Greece in a nutshell

Greece is one of the oldest and most famous countries in the whole world. Greece sticks out into the Mediterranean Sea and Aegean Sea, and it is made up mostly of mountains in the inland part. Not only have a lot of the world’s most famous stories come from Greece, but Greece was also the first country to ever have Olympics. In fact, Greece was having the Olympics hundreds and hundreds of years before the rest of the world joined in! Talk about trend-setters! Greece was really at the front of the crowd from way back when.

About 10.3 million (2024) people live in Greece, which gives Greece the 74th most people in the world. Greece is the 96th biggest country, so this is a pretty nice number of people, and it gives the people of Greece plenty of room to roam!

The capital city of Greece is Athens, which is one of the oldest and most important cities in the whole world. Fewer than 1 million people live in Athens, and most of the people in Greece are spread out in all the different major cities, including Thessaloniki, Piraeus, Patras, Iraklio, Larissa, and Volos, all in addition to Athens.

The flag of Greece looks a lot like the flag of the USA in some ways, because it has stripes across it, and it has an area in the corner of the flag without stripes. Unlike the USA flag, though the flag of Greece has white and blue stripes, and instead of stars it has a white cross. This became the official Greece flag in 1822, but pieces of it were being used for a lot of years before this time.

Greece food is popular all over the world, and not only is it delicious, but it is healthy too! A lot of the dishes in Greece have vegetables in them, and they also use a lot of nuts and seeds. Because Greece is surrounded by water on three sides, seafood is also a big part of the diet, and cheese is very popular in Greece as well.

The music of Greece goes way, way back in time! Greece has been one of the leaders in music since Ancient times, and the things that Greece musicians were doing all the way back then have influenced music all through history. Even though Greek music today does not have a lot of really popular modern musicians, the things that they have done for music over time will never be forgotten.

Like most of Europe, Greece uses the Euro for their money. The Euro is the strongest money in the whole entire world!

Greek is the official language of Greece, and even though there are very small pockets of people in Greece who speak something besides Greek as their first language, most people speak Greek and nothing else. This would make it tough on these people when they travel outside their country, but it would sure make things easy whenever they stayed at home!

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