About Israel – facts, flag, population, music and more

As far as the stuff you will find in the land of different countries, Israel might be one of the coolest countries there is! In Israel, you will find mountains, desert, forest, rivers, and the Mediterranean sea, and you will even find the Dead Sea, which is the lowest point on the surface of the Earth! Most of the people who live in Israel live along the Mediterranean, and if you ever have a chance to visit the Mediterranean coast, you just might choose to live there too!

About 75 million people live in Israel, which puts it in 95th place of all the countries in the world. About 50 million of these people live along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

capital city & important cities

The capital city of Israel is Jerusalem, which they also share with the country of Palestine. Jerusalem is one of the most important cities in the history of Israel, and in modern times the city of Tel Aviv is one of the most important cities also. Tel Aviv is the main city for money in Israel, and Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the history of the world.


The flag of Israel is white with a blue stripe from one side to the other close to the top and close to the bottom. In the middle of the flag is the “Star of David,” which is named for King David, who was one of the very old kings of Israel. The Star of David also is important in Judaism, which is the main religion of Israel.


The food in Israel is a combination of a whole bunch of different cultures coming together. Israel was a country a long, long time ago, and then, they were not a country again until 1948. Because of this, a whole bunch of different types of food from that area of the world has come together to make up the usual diet in Israel, which includes a whole bunch of Arab and Mediterranean foods that are really tough to pronounce, but that taste delicious!


Because the people of Israel have been around since the beginning of recorded time, they have some very old music! Some of the songs that are still around from way back then are called the “Songs of the Land of Israel.” But it’s not just old songs that the people of Israel like. They also like music from that part of the world, like Greek music, and they are fans of the same sorts of music people listen to in America, like jazz and pop rock. Israel also has an orchestra (which is a big group of very talented musicians who play instrumental music together) that is known all over the world!


The money that people use in Israel is called the new shekel. There was an older shekel that they used in the country, but in 1986 they made the switch to the new shekel, and they have been using this for their money ever since!


One of the main languages in Israel is Hebrew, which is one of the oldest languages in the world! The other main language in Israel is Arabic, which is similar to Hebrew in a lot of ways. One of the really interesting things about these two languages is that only about 10 million people in the world speak Hebrew, but about 280 million people in the world speak Arabic!

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