Albanian Attire- What do Albanians Wear?



Nowadays Albanians are westernized and many dressing options are available. Young people, but also adults, wear jeans, miniskirts, etc, similar with people from western world. However, traditional clothing still exists among Albanian people.

Traditional clothing is made by specialized craftsmen and women with cotton, wool and silk. It is decorated with colors, embroidered symbols, themes like the Albanian eagle, incorporating gold and silver.

Clothing for women consists of bright and colorful embroidery and rich in detail. Older women still commonly dress in traditional wear.

Clothing for men includes a white kilt, called a Fustanella and long pant called Tirqe that are worn with a long-sleeved jacket or vest and a white felt hat, called Qeleshe. The hats come in a variety shapes according to the different Albanian regions.

Traditional Albanian shoes are called Opinga. They are worn by both men and women but they are made in a different colors and shapes.

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