American Common Words and Phrases

Americans say many particular things. They share many words and phrases with English speakers in other countries, but some things are unique to the US!

In the US, it is very important to be polite. Don’t forget to say please, thank you, and excuse me! Americans say that actions speak louder than words, which means that what you do is more important than what you say you will do. One way to show that you are polite is to say please and thank you. You can also do nice things like holding the door open for someone or helping your friend carry their books.

When you say to meet someone, you can say hello or hi. You should also ask how are you? They will ask you how you are too. They expect to hear fine or good. If you are having a great day, you can say great or fantastic. If you are having a bad day, you can say not so good. You don’t need to say a lot, though. This question is mostly a greeting!

You might call your friends buddies or pals. People often call children kids. You might say hello to your friends by asking what’s up. You can ask them to spend time with you by asking them to hang out. You might play baseball, football, or soccer when you hang out.

If something is very easy for you, you might say that it is a piece of cake or easy as pie. For some people, math is easy as pie.

If you think someone is joking, you can say that they are pulling your leg!

When you feel lazy and want to sit on the couch and watch TV instead of doing your homework or going outside to play, your parents might call you a couch potato.

If you are planning a surprise for someone, be careful not to spill the beans, which means to tell a secret. If you tell them, it won’t a surprise anymore!

If you aren’t sure what is going to happen on the day, you might want to play it by ear instead of making that plan. That means that you figure things out as they happen.

When you say goodbye to someone, you might say bye or see you later. You can say have a nice day if it is during the day, or good night if it is in the evening.

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