Arabic History and Origins

The Arab world’s location gathering North Africa and the Gulf region means that many civilizations and people have come across the region. In fact, most of the Arab countries have witnessed a continuous change of governors. The history of the Arabs has, hence, gone through many stages reaching the actual division of the called Arab countries now.

The history of the Arabs begun before the coming of Islam, and it was marked by the rural style of life that the Arabs were known for. This era was also marked by the spread of different kinds of poetry and literary books. Nevertheless, the important part of the history of the Arabs is the period that followed the coming of Islam to the country of the Arabs. In fact, the rise of Islam changed the history and the destiny of the Arab country and the history of the whole world. The prophet Mouhammed (peace be upon him) emigrated to Medina after that his followers and him were rejected by the inhabitants of Makkah. There, he attracted more followers. The spread of Islam took place after the occurrence of many battles like the battle of Uhud, the battle of the Trench, the battle of Hudaybieh… Makkah was conquested by the Muslims after they have become strong enough where many disbelievers were forced to divert into Islam. After his death, Mouhammed (peace be upon him) was followed by Abu bakr and then Umar who completed the expansion of Islam.

One of the greatest periods that the history of the Arabs is known for is the golden era where Harun al-Rashid was in power. However, the Muslim empire had expanded to reach all parts of North Africa and some parts of Asia in a very short period of time. During the period of the Middle Ages that Europe was lost in, Baghdad was the cultural center of the world. Many topics and materials that are now taught in Europe are derived from the translated documents from Arabic to Latin.

During the 8th and the 9th centuries, Islam has further spread reaching many parts of Europe, including Spain where the Arabs left their fingerprints by enriching the European culture.

After the Golden Age, the Arabs and their empire began to disintegrate and fall. The Arabs were divided and many governors took the reign until the coming of the Ottoman empire that was lately divided into what we know now as the Arab countries.

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