Children’s games in Korea

Many Korean games are played with sticks and stones. Gonggi is played with small stones about the size of a grape. The stones are laid on a flat surface. A player picks one up and tosses it into the air from the palm of the hand. Then the player must immediately turn over the palm and catch the stone on the back of the hand. The game can be made more challenging by tossing more than one stone at a time.

Girls like to play a stone game similar to jacks. Small stones are placed on a flat surface and a ball is tossed into the air. The object is to pick up as many stones as possible prior to catching the ball.

Yut is a popular board game for the Lunar New Year celebration. Four players or even teams can play. There are four sticks, each with a curved side and a flat side, along with a board. The sticks are tossed into the air at each turn. The results control the number of spaces a player can move on the board. The first player or team to make it all the way around the board wins the game.

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