Children’s Games – Then and Now

Roman children liked to scooter and jump rope.  They enjoyed the seesaw and swings.  The children flew kites and played with dolls made from wax or clay.  They loved assorted ball and board games.  They would play with a hobbyhorse and with carts hitched to real animals (goats, ponies, and even dogs).

The children enjoyed walking on stilts and rolling hoops.  They lifted weights.  The children knew how to play leapfrog, tic-tac-toe, knucklebones (similar to jacks except with bones) and war with wooden swords. Odd and even (e.g. stones are held in a closed fist and another child guesses if the objects are odd or even) was a popular game.  Children had pets.  Dogs, monkeys, birds, and cats were common.  Today, children in this area play many of the same games.  Dolls are now made of plastic and jacks are made of metal or plastic.  Children have pets just like in the days long ago.

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