Danish Travel Destinations

Copenhagen (København)

As one of Europe’s oldest capitals, Copenhagen has many museums and shops, narrow canals, colorful row houses, lovely parks and quiet lakes to enjoy. You can have fun at the Tivoli Gardens amusement park and stroll the Strøget, the longest pedestrian street in Europe.  You can stop by Amelieborg Castle, the winter residence of Denmark’s royalty. The castle combines four palaces and a courtyard. You can witness the changing of the guards daily.  If you wander to the harbor of Langelinie, you can see the famous Little Mermaid statue 

The quaint island of Funen (Fyn) is the birthplace of storyteller Hans Christian Anderson. Among the Renaissance architecture are more than 120 castles including the popular Egeskov Castle, manor houses and unique museums.

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The main peninsula connecting Denmark to Germany offers a wide variety of sights and styles. The northernmost tip allows you to put one foot in the North Sea and the other foot in the Kattegat. You can see the Lønstrup Cliffs and the shifting sand dunes of Råbjerg Mile.

The capital of Jutland, Aarhus (Arhus) and the lively city of Alborg provide a taste of the modern life, while fabulous white sand beaches dot the western coast. Built around 700 A.D., Ribe has ancient architecture, old-world charm, and well-maintained cobblestone streets. There is plenty of history to see at the Ribe Cathedral and St. Catharinæ Church & Abbey, as well as many museums.  The Viking Museum is of particular interest.

The Kronborg Castle near Halsingor

The Kronborg Castle is one of the top places to visit in Denmark. This famous castle was Shakespeare’s inspiration for “Elsinore” in his famous play Hamlet. Millions of tourists visit the castle each year.

This 10-mile bridge connects to Sweden from Denmark and transports over 6,000 travelers by car or train every day.  The construction of the bridge began in 1991 and took nine years for the work to be completed in 2000.

The Original Legoland in Billund

Legoland opened in 1968. This theme park offers 4D cinema, rides and games for all ages.  There are indoor activities and exhibitions. The park is built with the famous, colorful interlocking plastic toy bricks.  You can see Miniland, in the middle of the park.  This is also a miniature version of the world make out of millions of Legos.

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