Famous Thai Stories and epics

Famous Thai Stories and epics  – Thai culture for children
Story Time! Thailand Folktale
 1) “It’s all in the Stars”: A Thai folktale, passed on from generation to generation, and an interpretation of the solar system, kids of Thailand are always mystified of the small world we live in compared to the huge universe surrounding us. Jupiter a hermit, the sun a prince, and the moon depicted as a beautiful young lady named January, the old folktale is a magical story told from parent to child.
2) “Soft Rice”: A man named “Pohnae” and his wife “Mohnae” go on a quest to find rice to grow, and because they have to borrow the rice they specifically look for soft rice. Getting soft rice instead of hard rice would help his family to grow the rice faster so that they could repay their debt. This folktale teaches children about responsibility and sharing. It is a lesson, yet a fun way of teaching a child a lesson.
3) “The Lampil and the Firefly”: This Thai folktale is compared to America’s Romeo and Juliet. A boy and a girl grow to love each other and their families are completely against their companionship. They both run away, and due to the family bickering they end up causing their own death. As the boy dies, he wishes that he be reincarnated as a firefly, and she a willow tree so they could live happily ever after.

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