Children’s Games in Philippines

Children’s Games in Philippines

Patintero: This game takes three to five children per team. Draw a rectangle on concrete with chalk, five to six meters with equal sections. Create as many teams as you’d like. Half of the children guard the area, while the other half tries to pass through without getting tagged. The team guarding must not step out of line, or they lose.

Agawan Base: Two teams are formed, and there can be any amount of children on each team. Draw a line or create a line down the center of the field. Use any item or thing for a base marker on each opposing side. The children chase and tag any child on the other team who tries to get to their base.

TumbangPreso: One child is the prisoner (preso) or protector of a can. The prisoner stops all of the other children from knocking the can over. When the can is knocked over, the player must remove the slipper that did it (two slippers per player, one is removed). This goes on until all of the slippers have been taken from the children. At that point, the prisoner chases the other players until he or she tags anther child to be the next prisoner.

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