Food of Slovak


Slovak food is simple but delicious. No pizza, no hamburgers. You will find a lot of potatoes, cabbage and milk products. In the mountains, shepherds graze their sheep. They live in cottages and use the milk to make cheese.

Both kids and adults just love ‘bryndzove halusky’ – potato dumplings with a special kind of cheese. Slovaks also eat meat all the time – sausages, bacon and more sausages! Beer is very popular, too. But that’s only for grown-ups! On Christmas Eve, the whole family comes together and they have sauerkraut soup and carp with potato salad. Carp is bought on special Christmas markets, and is not eaten for the rest of the year.

For breakfast, most kids eat cornflakes or yoghurt. Maple syrup or peanut butter are very unusual! Lunch is the biggest meal of the day – mostly chicken or a steak with rice. In school canteens, all the kids eat together. Dinner, on the other hand, is a family meal. Mom or dad cooks and the whole family discuss their day at the table.

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