History of Turkey

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Turkey has been around for a long time , so it has plenty of history. A very famous man, called Mustafa Kemal, is a Turkish hero. He is now called Ataturk, which means ‘Father of the Turks’. All over Turkey, you’ll see statues of him. Ataturk is like a celebrity, because back in 1923, he founded the Turkish Republic. This means that Turkey was made its own country, and did not have to answer to anyone. Ataturk was the president, and made lots of good changes for the Turkish people.

Way before Ataturk came along, Turkey had lots of battles that was very impacting on this countries history.Hundreds of years ago, many countries were trying to rule the world, fighting over who would be the most powerful and own the most land. Turkey had its own empire, called the Ottoman Empire. This was a very big empire, which started off very small and grew much bigger. A man called Osman built this empire and it lasted for 600 years.Ataturk was the man who ended the Ottoman Empire, when he made Turkey a Republic.

Turkey has become mostly a peaceful country even though its past is filled with many violent battles.When Ataturk became President, he changed lots of things about life in Turkey, and the Turkish people still thank him for all the changes he made when he was president; this is why you see lots of statues and pictures of him in this country.

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