Important Swedish Celebrations

Important Swedish Celebrations – Holidays in Sweden

Celebrate!  Among many other celebrations and holidays of Sweden, the three most notable are Advent, All Saints Day, and Swedish Midsommar. The mark of the holiday season, also known as Advent, is one of the most important celebrations of Sweden. On this day, Swedish citizens visit churches and sing yule-tide songs. This is the beginning of the new year, and called “The First Sunday”. Children and adults decorate the streets, and light a candle every Sunday until Christmas during that month. A holiday to honor the deceased, Swedish “All Saints Day” is a popular and well known celebration on the first Saturday after October 30th. Wreathes and flowers are laid on loved ones resting areas and candles are lit. The celebration of most festivities known as Midsommar (midsummer), this is the warmest time and the days are lengthier. June 24th is the celebration of St. John the Baptist, and the Mayday is celebrated on the morning of Midsummer’s Eve. Decorations, dancing, food, and even magic occupy this time and celebration.

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