Traditional Indonesian Tunes

Traditional Tunes

Gamelan orchestra: most popular and important kind in Indonesia. Most instruments used for this kind of music is struck with wooden mallets, padded sticks or hammers. It has been handed down for many generations but was never a written type of music. It is essential to Indonesian life, and varies from island to island.

Angklung music: This is another extremely important form of music that is representative of the Indonesian culture. It is played on instruments made entirely of bamboo of different lengths. Each instrument is made up of two bamboo tubes, each of a different note. The instruments are shaken to produce sound.

There are many genres and forms of music in Indonesia, but their people strive to keep the traditional music intact. While the younger generation will enjoy westernized music from time to time, everyone will know of the top two genres listed because they are very representative of the Indonesian culture of music that started around the Bronze Age, or 2nd-3rd century B.C.

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