Irish Etiquette

The Irish have customs and rules of etiquette that are entirely their own, yet might not feel totally different from the United States.

One of the first things a traveler might notice upon walking the streets of Dublin or Cork is how accommodating the Irish are to visitors. It would not be uncommon for an Irish person to assist the lost traveler and help them on their way. The Irish are frequently described as being warm and it might have something to do with being to willing to help out a person in need.

Since storytelling is such a strong part of their culture, it is quite common to find that the Irish place a lot of emphasis on good communication skills. They like to take their time in talking and in listening, and are have a very relaxed pace. It is not surprising that in this slow-paced lifestyle there is often a cup-of-tea time that is set aside during the day when people talk, joke, and enjoy the company of one another.

When meeting people for the first time in Ireland their greetings are more like the United States than like Europe. A handshake and cheerful “nice to meet you” are usually accepted as a nice way to be introduced to a person.

The Irish, in general, might be described as a quiet bunch. While they also like to have loud music and talk loudly about politics or sports, they are often a sort of reserved people. It might be considered rude or out-of-place in Ireland to be shouting in public or making a scene.

The Irish are a very sincere group of people, so speaking honestly and kindly is considered a very positive trait. They often have a very sharp wit and good sense of humor. Most Irish people will not take themselves too seriously, and being able to laugh and be good-natured in difficult situations is a valuable trait.

Being invited into someone’s home in Ireland is a nice gesture, and arriving on time is important. It is not assume that a guest would bring some food for everyone to enjoy, but it would be an appreciated gesture.

At the dinner table, the etiquette of Ireland would be pretty relaxed. Table manners are probably appreciated, but the atmosphere will probably be relaxed and low-key. At the end of the meal, it might be very nice if the guest offered to help do some dishes or help clean up!

In general, the Irish have manners that are a lot like our own. As long as a person is being respectful and honest, you will probably find that it’s a lot like home!

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