Latin’s Cultural Impact on the Industry

Lazio, like most other areas that were part of the Papal State, was traditionally poor until more recently. Today this area is an important tourist and agricultural area.  It is known for its vegetables and wine. The region also has machinery manufacturing, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and publishing industries.  The film industry is strong.

Cultural Impact

Latium is known for its arts, history, architecture, archaeology, religion and cultural impact on Italy. Most of the people are Catholic.  Remnants of the earlier civilizations are seen in churches and castles, cathedrals, monuments and museums.  Several annual events are held in the area to include reenactments of the Passion Play or historical parades and jousting tournaments.  Additional historical reenactments are also organized to include pageants and horse racing. The Italian football team from this area is famous the world over.  Societa Sportiva Lazio was founded in 1900.

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