Magical pocket (pokettono naka Japanese Children’s Song)

Japanese Children’s Song

どんぐり ころころ

ぽけっとの なかには
びすけっとが ひとつ
ぽけっとを たたくと
びすけっとは ふたつ

もひとつ たたくと
びすけっとは みっつ
たたいて みるたび
びすけっとは ふえる

そんな ふしぎな
ぽけっとが ほしい
そんな ふしぎな
ぽけっとが ほしい

pokettono nakaniha
bisukettoga hitotsu
pokettowo tatakuto
bisukettoha futatsu

mohitotsu tatakuto
bisukettoha mittsu
tataite mirutabi
bisukettoha fueru

sonnna fushigina
pokettoga hoshii
sonnna fushigina
pokettoga hoshii

Magical Pocket
There is one biscuit in a jacket pocket
By tapping on the pocket, it becomes two biscuits

By tapping again it becomes three biscuits
By tapping more and more it becomes many biscuits

I want a magical pocket on my own jacket
I want biscuits from such a magical pocket


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