Malaysian Children’s Songs

Many of the children songs have words that talk about animals and birds.  There are songs that talk about things children do in the day.  Popular clapping songs, movement, finger plays, and rhyme accompany the songs.  Shadow puppets help tell some children’s stories.  Shadow puppets are a traditional way to tell stories using shadows.

Mana Kuching?

Where is the Cat?

Lagu tiga kupang

Song of the Three Cents

Kalau Rasa Gembira Tepuk Tangan

If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands

Bangau Oh Bangau

Egret, Oh Egret

Chan Mali Chan

Chan Mali Chan (a folk song)

Burung Kakak tua

Cuckatoo, Oh Cuckatoo

Bangun pagi

Wake Up

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