20 Reasons Why Marrying a Foreigner is a Good Choice

Enjoy different dishes all the time

When your partner is a foreigner of course he/she will cook for you (at least occasionally) and you’ll get to eat the real food from that real cuisine. It’s not like going to an ethnic restaurant in your country where the food is adjusted to and mixed with the local food.

Have a bilingual/trilingual child

You don’t have to worry about sending your child to a private school, a foreign partner will do the trick. Though if not done properly most of the time kids turn to be passive speakers (understands the language but cannot speak). I wrote tri-lingual above because mixed families tend to live in a third country quite often.

Become bilingual

You, yourself can become bilingual by just practicing with your partner or extended family members and in-laws. Most of the time you have to 🙂

Have 2 passports

Yes, this is possible in many countries even if you don’t reside in your partner’s country all the time.

Have 2 weddings

Most of the time one side of the family cannot come to your wedding and you end up having two separate wedding ceremonies to make everyone happy.

Visit different places all the time

Having a foreign partner means you’ll get to travel to where he/she’s originally from and where his/her friends, relatives and family members live. Most importantly you will enjoy him/her guiding you as a local so you see the best places and never get treated like a tourist in his/her country.

Life full of surprises

If you watched the movie my big fat Greek wedding, you’d know what I mean. You will always (actually sometimes) encounter situations that will surprise you instead of experiencing the same routines in domestic marriages.

Know more people and get connected

To get to know people always mean more opportunities and more chances. If you remember the law of “6-degrees of separation” you’d notice that getting married to a foreigner connects you to additional hundreds, if not thousands of people.

Grass is greener on the other side

This might sound a bit cheesy but you might look a lot more attractive to someone from a different culture simply because you look different or unique. The same thing applies to your partner; you will find him/her more attractive than an avg. person in your culture.

Cuter kids 🙂

This is not scientifically tested but I am sure you heard from many that mixed couples’ children tend to be good looking or at least better looking than the parents themselves 🙂

Enjoy different festivals & holidays

Since all cultures have special festivals and holidays you’ll get to learn about and enjoy various celebrations. There will be a spirit of celebration in your house throughout the year 🙂

Have an excuse to be a foreigner when you make a mistake

Your in-laws will excuse you for being naive or a foreigner even if the mistake you make is just commonsense (e.g. forgetting to prepare dishes for guests)

Have stories to tell your folks all the time

Since everything you’ll experience (at least at the beginning of your marriage) will be “newsworthy” 🙂 everyone from your own family will be so excited to hear your stories.

Become a cross-culturally competent and flexible thinker

Different culture or means a different way of thinking (different values, different beliefs, different lifestyles and so on). By living together with someone from a different culture will empower you to approach issues from different point of views (e.g. if you are an American and your client from overseas pressures you, you’d know how to take a different perspective)

Realize and appreciate the uniqueness of your own culture

There’s a saying goes like “fish is the last to discover water.” That is, when you live with a person from a different culture you can better understand the subtleties in your own culture.

Give a real reason to your parents to travel overseas

Yes, perhaps your folks,  just like mines, resist to travel overseas and might not even have a passport. Once you marry a foreigner, they are going to have to go to a country where your partner is from.

Easy going Partner

If someone from a different culture wants to marry you, that means he/she prefers you over someone from his/her own culture (unless he/she has expired visa or ran out of money). This also means, he/she is not a typical representative of his own culture but rather someone who has a global mindset and easy to get along with.

Getting Rid of Stereotypes

Mixed marriage means you live with a person who has a different ethnicity/nation and race most of the time. Not only you but also your frinds & family will be exposed to this new member of the family and understand that the stereotypical image in their minds is not true.

Expression on your friends face

You will really enjoy seeing the expression on your friends face when you tell them that you are engaged to a foreigner J

Mixed world is a better place

It is…
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