New Japanese Gadget Teaches Children How to Eat

NITTO Kagaku, A Japanese manufacturer that produces various products ranging from dental care tools to chemical equipment, introduced this gadget that teaches children the ideal way of biting and chewing certain types of foods. The idea behind the invention was the poor chewing habits of young kids which later in life causes various health problems. With the help of the Nitto Kagaku’s product, children can count their bites and learn to chew more when needed.

Ideally, the children need to chew more if what they are eating is hard such as roasted soybeans. However, kids just become kids and develop a habit of eating soft and hard things at the same speed. The gadget beeps in standard intervals to let kids know the number of bites. Such a fun product to use isn’t it! The product has been on the market for some time (it was tested in 2006 and mass marketed in 2008). The following video shows elementary school kids using the gadget while eating the school lunch.

Japanese lessons for kids

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