Persian Clothes and Foods to Know About

Iran is located in the continent of Asia. Its former name was Persia. Iran has very old and wide culture, which we are going to explain about briefly.

  1. Food: There are many Iranian delicious foods.
    1. One of the popular one is Ab-goosht, Ab means Water and Goosht means Meat. It is like a stew and made up of meat, potato and pea.
    2. The other popular food is Chelo-Kebab, Chelo means cooked rice and Kebab is a well-known food, which made from grind meat and onion.

Moreover, there is a traditional soft drink in Iran, which is called Doogh. It is a salty yoghurt drink.

  1. Clothes:

There are many different Iranian costumes. Most of them are colorful and with colors like red, green, yellow and pink. In some tribes, women wear a long, colorful, several-layered skirt and long scarves for the head. In addition, the women would wear colorful shirts and vests. Long shirts and loose pants are the clothes for men. The men’s hat has a round shape, usually made of wool. They are light brown and very soft.

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