Polish Clothes

DINOLINGO Traditional  Polish clothing is very colorful and decorative. In folk costumes, women wear long, colorful skirts with ribbons and printed with large flowers. They may wear white blouses and black or red vests (again embroidered with colorful flowers) and laced up across the front with red ribbon. They also wear necklaces made of red beads and wear their hair in long braids. They might also wear a wreath of flowers around their head. Girls will wear traditional leather or wooden shoes. Men’s folk dress is similar: they wear tight white pants and a white jacket embroidered with red, black, and colored flowers. They wear a white shirt and a red tie, and a flat-topped black-and-red hat.

But while these outfits used to be common, now they are only worn for traditional festivals. Everyday dress in Poland is similar to that all over Europe and the United States. Many people wear jeans, suits, modern dresses, and modern shoes. Warsaw is considered a fashionable European city, so some of the newest fashion trends can be found there.

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