Portuguese Fun Facts 2

Fun Facts

1)      Since the eighteenth century it has been illegal for the bull to be killed in Portuguese bull fighting.

2)      The official flower of Portugal is the lavender.

3)      Portugal is home to the first wave farm, which creates electricity.

4)      Portugal is home to the longest bridge in Europe, which is 10 ½ miles.

5)      In Roman times Portugal was known as Lusitania.

6)      Portugal became independent in 1139.

See Portugal!! 3 Must Visits

1)      Praia da Luz: West of Algarve, Portugal, it is a common and beautiful beach resort. It holds many amenities and is very close to the Lagos Islands.

2)      Shopping: Everyone in Portugal urges an ultimate shopping experience. Known for their hand -made crafts, embroidered linen, jewelry, and pottery, it’s an excellent place for souvenir shopping.

3)      Dolphin and Whale Watching: take your kids to see the whales and dolphins of Portugal. Off the coast of Portugal, you can see bottle-nose and Risso dolphins. This offers an experience your child won’t want to miss.

Festivals of Portugal

1)      The Festas de Cidade e Gual terianas or ‘City Festival and Gualterianas’, early August, a week-long festival with music, bullfights, parades and so much more.

2)      Jazz Festival: held in Guimeraes in November is a festival for jazz enthusiasts. Jazz artists from all over the world come which brings in much revenue for Portugal.

3)      ‘Festival de Marisco’ or seafood festival of Portugal. A plethora of seafood is available, and people from all over will arrive to partake in this event.

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