Religion and Values of Thailand

About 96% of the people are Buddhists.  Many boys and young men become monks for a short time in their lives to understand and practice the Buddhist beliefs.  Monks wear orange robes and they shave their heads.

The Thai people believe in politeness, respect and manners.  Children are taught to respect their teachers and parents. Family is very important to the Thai people. The culture celebrates Children’s Day in July.  On this day, many special activities are planned throughout the country.  The people of Thailand believe that children are an important resource to their country.  They have a saying “Children are the future of the nation.  If the children are intelligent, then our country will be prosperous.”

From this proverb, you can see that education is very important. Thai children learn the same things that most children around the world learn.  They also learn scouting as part of their education.  There is a time during the school day for worship.  Most schools have a temple and statues of Buddha.  Shoes cannot be worn in the classrooms.

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Online Thai lessons for kids:

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