Sounds of the Czech Republic

Traditional Czech Republic music requires traditional instruments. Majority of the instruments used are handmade, and are done so delicately. The wood chosen for these instruments is an intricate process in itself, as the trees used for them have to be at least 100 or more years old. Fiddles, drums, and accordions are some examples, but the saxophone is a widely used instrument as well. Some traditional music genres of the Czech Republic includes but are not limited to; modern music, folk music, alternative music, jazz, and the blues. One of the most notable Czech Republic marks of music is the “Underground Movement,” which battled conformity, political oppression, and consumerism. In the 1960’s, the communist government did not agree with this movement, as it was a “threat to society.” Yet, Westernized music does not fail to make its way to the Czech Republic for the younger generation who is not as into traditional music as their elders.

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