Thai Children's Songs

Many of the children songs sung in this country are about animals, toys, the family and nature.  Children’s songs like most children’s songs throughout the world have chants, actions, rhymes and silly phrases.

Pleeng Loy Krathong (Full Moon Song)

Pleeng Chaang (Elephant Action Song)

Poong Paang (Fish Trap Chanting Game)

Maun Saun Paa (Cloth Doll Chanting Game)

Rii Rii Khao Saan (Rice Chanting Game)

Pleeng Wan Koed (Happy Birthday Song)

Pleeng Voracheed (The Virtuous Brother)

Pleeng Khaang Khaaw Kin Klauy (Bats Eating Bananas)

Tap Nok (Bird Suite)

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