Thai Names

Thai names are often long as the given name and family name are to be unique. There aren’t two last names that are the same unless the people are related. Thai people also change their family names at additional times other than marriage.  The names that are chosen stand for positive things.  Some parts of these favorite name choices listed below are used by Thai parents to name their children.

Boys’ Names

Adirake, Jaidee, Tai, Badinton, Cha, Jao and Niran

Girls’ Names

Abhasra, Jaidee, Kalaya, Ma-dee, Nataya, Noi, Rajini, Sunisa, Achara, Ban, Chaiama, Kamala, Mai, Ratana, Damni, Dao, Hansa and Lalana

Thai people address one another by their first names and titles.  They use the last names for more formal occasions and when they write to these people.  Foreigners are addressed by their given names because it is easier.  You may be called Mr. Joe or Mrs. Diane.  Titles, rank and honor are very important.  Thai given names are preceded by Khun (Mr., Mrs., or Miss).  If the person has a degree like doctor, then this title is used.  So you would address a person (given name) + (family name) = Khun (given name).  You would write to this person as Dear Khun (given name).  Nicknames are also common in Thailand.

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