Traditional American clothing

Traditional American clothing was different during different times in history and different areas of the country.  What someone wore also depended on their job and what country their family came from before living in America.  Each Native American tribe has different styles of ceremonial costume though many of them wore clothes made from a kind of leather known as buckskin and decorated it with beads or embroidery.  Feathered headdresses were also worn by some tribes’ chiefs and warriors.

The pioneers and cowboys who helped settle the West were known for wearing sturdy clothing.  Men wore trousers with suspenders and work shirts while women wore dresses made from a fabric called calico with aprons to protect their clothes and bonnets to keep the sun off their faces.  Cowboys and ranchers wore boots and large hats to protect their feet and faces from the weather and these are now known as cowboy boots and cowboy hats.  Jeans were invented for miners and other men who did very hard, dusty, dirty work.

In American history most clothing was different for men and women.  Women usually wore skirts or dresses, sometimes puffed out by a petticoat of many layers of material worn underneath.  But during World War II a lot of women went to work in factories and began to wear trousers for their jobs.  After that women’s pants become normal.

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