Family Travel Adventures in the United States with kids

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America is an amazing place to explore with children of all ages. With 50 States covering over 3.7 million miles,  there is an adventure for all ages. So, jump in your car and fasten your seat belts!

The 7 natural wonders of America will get the legs hiking while digging deep into the mindboggling wonder of nature, contrasting terrains, and wildlife. Blend in with the manmade/natural combinations like Mount Rushmore National Park in South Dakota with the historic faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln carved into the granite. The Grand Canyon is a National Park in Arizona known for its breathtaking views and natural history. It is truly jaw-dropping!  Arizona State is a must-see for kids for so many reasons. While driving between locations, anyone up for some history on US Presidents? Perhaps a quiz on the North American Dinosaurs will intrigue you!

Our emigrant adventure stretches across all American States but we start our journey at Plymouth Rock (Massachusetts) where the Mayflower Pilgrims landed. Onto Independence Hall (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written. Keep on driving south to St. Augustine, Florida, for a sip from Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth followed by a visit to a local alligator farm.

American cities are home to the famous and Iconic American Architectural wonders such as The Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty (New York City), Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco), and the White House (Washington D.C.). Did you know that The Brooklyn Bridge in New York is listed right up there with Mount Rushmore and is truly a wonderful walk to take with kids in NYC? The views are spectacular!

If your a bilingual family or learning a 2nd language, American is rich in diversity and culture. The Census Bureau of the United States reported in 2015 that over 350 languages were spoken in American homes. The Dutch were the first settlers in New York, the French in Florida, and the American Indians explored and settled along the California coastline, so America has welcomed the entire world for generations.

We are wondering what you might know about American culture? Please share your journey and discoveries with us by leaving a comment below? 

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Important Note: This article was written by a person who is familiar with American culture based on his or her own personal anecdotal observations. Additionally, there are quite a few generalizations to make the article easier to understand for children. DinoLingo does not accept any responsibility for errors, omissions, or subjectivity in the content of this post.

We are wondering what you know about American culture…Why don’t you tell us what you know by leaving a comment below? (make sure your comment is written in a language that can be understood by small children)

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