Ukrainian Fun and Games

There are quite a few Ukrainian games that both adults and children will definitely enjoy playing.  Here is one of the national games played at Ivana Kupala night on the 7th of July. All people sing Ukrainian songs and dance. Girls pick up flowers and let them float on the river. If the flowers go down the river, the girls will get married. And if the flowers go back to the girl, she won’t marry soon. The second part of Kupala game is jumping over the fire. It is dangerous, but people like this game. This old tradition is still popular in Ukrainian villages.

The next game has two names: “Blind Cat”, “Eyes”. Number of players: 5, but 10 players can play too. A cat must be chosen. A mouse covers his eyes with a black handkerchief, and then the cat has to find a mouse and guess the person. A cat becomes an angry mouse and a mouse becomes a blind cat.

The next game is called “Dragon”. All children taking part in a game make a chain and put their hands on friend’s shoulders. First person has name “a head of the dragon” and last one – “a tail of the dragon”. The chain of kids starts running. “The head” tries to catch “the tail”. Using hands is not allowed. If “the tail” has caught “the head”, they switch the spots. “The head” becomes “the tail”. It is an ancient game. You can play this game with your friends and parents. You can sing your favorite songs when playing this game.

“Jungle- Jingle” is a song-game, loved by many Ukrainians. The children sing, when they are moving in the circle and holding their hands. “Jungle” is running in the circle and when the song is over, “Jungle” stands in the circle, then “Jungle – Jingle” will be a new person.

The game “Old Woman Kutsia” – anybody ties the eyes of another person and turns him around. The other children begin to clap hands together. The person with the blindfold on his eyes must catch the first nearest person, at this time all children around call his name. The first caught man is called “Old woman Kutsia”.

Ukrainians also do crafts and sing for fun. They are known for their Easter eggs-pysanky. Kids love to paint eggs both at home and at school.

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