Verbal Cues in English

(GOOD) wow, great, cool, wonderful, terrific, fabulous, excellent, fantastic, awesome, good for you, congratulations 

(SURPRISE) wow, really? No kidding? OMG, Gosh, son of a gun, you gotta be kidding me, unbelievable, get out of here, holy cow, oh my goodness, that’s incredible

(DISAGREEMENT) well…, I don`t think so, that’s crazy, ridiculous, no way, are you sure? sure?  Are you for real? that’s nonsense, insane, not a chance, what are you talking about? Are you out of your mind? are you serious?

 (LISTENING/AGREEMENT) I see, right, OK, hmm, yeah, uh huh, yep, yes, I see what you are saying, got it, I understand, I see your point, I hear you, exactly, absolutely, precisely, by all means, that’s true, I agree, totally, definitely

 (BAD NEWS) that`s too bad, dang, that`s so sad, terrible, awful, OMG, I’m shocked, sorry about that, be careful, oh no, sorry about your luck

 (I DON’T UNDERSTAND) come again? , can you say that again? sorry? pardon? what? didn’t quite catch that, you’ll have to excuse me, what did you mean?

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