Vietnamese Children’s Games

Chophépchơi  Let’s Play! Vietnamese Children’s Games……

  1. MeoDuoiChait: the Vietnamese “cat and mouse” game requires at least six to seven children. It is compared to America’s “duck duck goose.” The children stand in a circle, holding their arms above their own heads so there are spots (mouse holes) that the other players can run through. One child is chosen to be the mouse and one is chosen to be the cat. The kid’s sing, and when the song is over, the mouse runs through the kids in an attempt to not be tagged by the cat.
  2. Bit Mat Bat De:“catching a goat while blindfolded” has no songs, nothing to make the children memorize. One kid is the goat; the other kid is the catcher. All of the other children form a circle while the catcher stands in the middle with the goat. They are both blindfolded. The game starts when the catcher says “done” and the goat creeps away, letting out a “baugh” occasionally. The catcher must find the goat to win.
  3. Dem NhungConvit: “count the ducks with the numbers on them” is a fun game for younger children. The ducks are in the water and they have numbers on them, but the numbers and ducks are not in order. Whoever finds the numbers in order the fastest wins.

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