Vietnamese Traditions and Customs

Vietnamese Traditions and Customs

Vietnamese family names are very important, and you will often see their family name followed by their middle name and their first names. The main language is Vietnamese, and the second language is English. The Vietnamese are modest people. Talking loudly, moving around a lot (especially around the opposite sex), and beckoning anyone with their hands vertically is considered disrespectful. They do not generally celebrate birthdays, and promises are as important to the Vietnamese as life itself.

3 Must See of Vietnam

1)      Beaches: With an extended coastline of 3000 kilometers, the most visited and labeled “must see” of Vietnam are their beaches. Ha Long Bay, a long stretch of islands and beautiful blue waters is not only a tourist escape, but a photogenic pleasure as well.

2)      Hot Springs: Guests and everyday Vietnamese come here to take a wrm dip for relaxing and recuperating. This place is excellent and rich in natural resources, being the perfect getaway.

3)      Hoi An: Charming and authentically breathtaking, the ancient city of Hoi An harbors much culture and tradition of Vietnam.

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