What Are the Best Spanish Websites For Kids?

Here are some of the best Spanish learning websites for kids:

1. Dinolingo

DinoLingo offers a variety of engaging resources for kids to learn Spanish, including videos, songs, games, and printable worksheets. It’s suitable for children ages 2 to 14 and provides a comprehensive, interactive learning experience.

2. Duolingo

Duolingo offers a fun and interactive way for kids to learn Spanish. The app uses game-like lessons to teach vocabulary and grammar. It’s suitable for older children who can read and navigate the app independently.

3. Rockalingua

Rockalingua provides a variety of Spanish learning resources for children, including songs, games, videos, worksheets, and picture dictionaries. The website is designed to make learning Spanish fun and engaging.

4. Spanish Playground

Spanish Playground offers a wealth of resources for kids learning Spanish, including games, songs, printable worksheets, and videos. The site is geared towards making Spanish learning enjoyable and accessible for children of all ages.

5. ABCmouse (Spanish)

ABCmouse offers a comprehensive early learning program that includes Spanish lessons. The lessons are interactive and designed to keep young children engaged through games, songs, and activities.

6. Gus on the Go

Gus on the Go is a language learning app that uses interactive lessons and games to teach Spanish. It’s designed for young children and provides a fun and engaging way to learn basic vocabulary and phrases.

7. Mundo de Pepita

Mundo de Pepita offers a variety of Spanish learning materials, including storybooks, printable activities, and teaching resources. It’s aimed at young children and focuses on immersive, context-based learning.

8. Cuentos Infantiles

Cuentos Infantiles offers a collection of children’s stories in Spanish on youtube. Listening to and reading these stories can help children improve their Spanish language skills in a fun and engaging way.

9. PBS Kids (Spanish)

PBS Kids offers a selection of educational games and videos in Spanish. The content is designed to be both entertaining and educational, making it a great resource for young Spanish learners.

10. Lingokids

Lingokids is an interactive app designed for children to learn English and Spanish. It offers a variety of games, songs, and activities that make learning Spanish fun and engaging for kids.

Each of these websites offers unique features and resources that can help children learn Spanish in an enjoyable and effective way.

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