What Are the Best Spanish Learning Websites and Apps For Kids?

The market is flooded with different websites and apps to help your child learn Spanish. Some are better than others, and we’ve put a list together to help you in this journey.
  • DinoLingo: DinoLingo uses the total immersion method with fun, animated characters. The videos keep kids entertained, but they’re immersed in the Spanish language right away. DinoLingo will capture your child’s attention, use repetition, and quiz them so they’ll be encouraged and excited to speak the new language almost immediately. The program is for ages 2-12, so it’s never too early to begin. (Subscription: $119 annual fee$9.99 per month)
  • Muzzy BBC: Muzzy is designed for young children by the BBC. Their videos follow an animated character called Muzzy and her friends. They also use the repetition method as they teach your child Spanish. (Subscription: $119 annual fee$9.99 per month)
  • Little Pim: Little Pim is for young kids ages 0-6. It was created by moms, teachers, and scientists to ensure your little one will learn effectively. They have five minute animated and live-action videos that you can watch with them. (Subscription: $9.99 a month or $109.99 annual fee – $9.99 per month)
  • DuoLingo Kids: DuoLingo created this app just for kids. It feels like any other competitive game as kids unlock new levels and earn crowns. However, they’re also learning a new language as they finish challenges. (DuoLingo Plus: $6.99 month or Free in the Apple Store or Google Play)
  • Youtube Kids: YouTube recently created an app just for kids. It sensors adult content out of their algorithm, so you can be sure your child is not exposed to mature material. Hundreds of teachers, tutors, and vloggers post videos about the Spanish language and target them towards a younger audience. We recommend these videos as supplementary resources. (Free in the Apple Store or Google Play)

Online Spanish lessons for kids: dinolingo.com

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