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Denmark became united in the 10th century during the Viking period when the country was converted to Christianity by King Bluetooth.  In the 11th century, the Danish Vikings controlled England.  In 1397, what is now Denmark, Sweden and Norway were one country with one queen.  This country was called Kalmar Union.

Denmark became a constitutional monarchy in 1849.  It adopted a constitution which took powers away from the King. The people of Denmark gained rights.  June 5th is the day in honor of this first constitution. It is now an annual holiday in Denmark called Constitution Day.

Sweden eventually became a separate country in 1523.  Denmark and Norway stayed united until 1814.  At this time, they controlled many islands in the Atlantic Ocean including Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland.  Then, Iceland became independent in 1944.  After World War II, Greenland and the Faroe Islands became a part of the Kingdom of Denmark.  They have their own governments and limited power.

The current Prime Minister of Denmark is Helle Thorning-Schmidt who was elected in September 2011.  She is the first woman prime minister of Denmark.  Denmark is a Kingdom.  This means is has a monarch (a king or queen).  It is the oldest present-day kingdom in the world.  The current monarch is Queen Margrethe II.

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