Danish Games

These games are three popular children’s games. You might have played different versions of these games that probably have different names from the Danish names.

Barrel Cat

In medieval times, children would place a cat in a barrel and hit the barrel with sticks until the cat ran away.  The superstition was to drive the evil spirits out of town with the cat.  Today, children fill a barrel or other round object with candy and treats.  The container is decorated with pictures of cats and it is hung from a tree or the ceiling of a room.  The children hit the barrel with sticks until the candy falls out.  Whoever opens the barrel gets to be the King/Queen of Cats for the day and wears a crown the rest of the day.

Capturing Chains (Laenkfange)

This is a variation of tag. One child is “It” and must chase the other children.  When a child is “touched”, that child links hands with the person who is “It”.  Now, the two of them continue to tag and collect the others.  The last person to be tagged is the winner.

Kick the Tin (Spark til Daasen)

This is like the American game of Hide and Seek.  Someone is the person who is “It”.  The others hide and the “It” must kick a can and call out the name of each child found.  If “It” does not kick the can, the child can get away.  Captured children are put together in an area and these children can be released.

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