About the Thai Culture

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia.  Throughout history, this region has been known as Siam. Nearly 65,000,000 people who live there are called Thai.  Most of the people who live in Thailand are Thai, Chinese, Malaysian or Mon.

The country borders the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, southeast of Burma.  Thailand’s climate is tropical with warm, rainy weather.  There is a wet monsoon season where there is lots of rain and a dry season where there is not much rain. The country has a central plain with the Khorat Plateau in the east and mountains throughout the other areas of the country.

Thailand is home to many wild animals from tigers and leopards to elephants, black bear and more than 850 different kinds of birds.  As the rainforests are being cut down to make homes and businesses, the animal populations are getting smaller.

Bangkok is Thailand’s largest city and capital of 10 million people.  Boats are often the fastest way to travel in Bangkok because the roads are often very crowded with traffic.  There are many canals and waterways that people use every day. People even shop at floating markets on the water.

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