Turkish Travel Destinations

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Turkey is a very popular place people choose to vacation at. Most people go to the beach towns on the South coast, like Marmaris, Bodrum, Alanya and Kusadasi. This is where the parties are and the beaches. But there are also castles to visit, like the big castle in Bodrum, museums, mosques, countryside to see, and even mud baths.

Pamukkale is a beautiful place to visit.  It has beautiful white cliffs and waterfalls.Near to Pamukkale is the ancient city of Ephesus, with has  lots of old ruins to explore.

Capadoccia is a beautiful place as well. It’s made up of a rocky landscape, made that way by three old volcanoes that made the land all craggy. You can go in a hot air balloon over the land, and see it from up high.

Istanbul is a wonderful city, and it’s very big. There are lots of mosques, like the beautiful Blue Mosque, old buildings, palaces, and a big, colourful market, called The Grand Bazaar. Everybody gets lost in The Grand Bazaar, because it’s so big.

In the South-East of the country life is very different, with old villages. These are quite far away from the popular places.

There are other big cities you can visit too, like Izmir, Adana and the capital, Ankara.

Anyone who visits Turkey must have a Turkish bath, or ‘hamam’. First of all, you sit in a very hot room called a sauna, and sweat a lot.Then you lay on a slab and your skin is scrubbed clean, with lots of soapy water and suds. It’s a fun thing to do, and you feel really clean and relaxed afterwards.

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