Bulgarian Cuisine

Bulgarian cuisine

Bulgarian dishes are similar to ones prepared in other Balkan countries. They share many recipes. Due to the warm climate and place to grow them Bulgarians eat many vegetables, herbs and fruits. They usually have a salad for every meal.

A typical Bulgarian starts the day having Banica (баница) and some yogurt or boza (боза) for breakfast. Banica is the Bulgarian’s favorite pasta, they usually fill it with cheese or meat. Bulgarian yoghurt is very famous and unique, many countries get their yoghurt from there. Boza is a malt drink, made from maize and wheat. It can be found in this region from Albania to Turkey. People like is for its slight acidic sweet flavor.

The Bulgarians have different salami. It is called lukanka(луканка). They make it under high pressure so the salami is flat and has a stronger taste. Their white cheese that is like feta is called sirene (сирене). It has much fat and very tasty. Sirene is used for the Bulgarians favorite salad, the shopska (шопска) salad. It is made from tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, raw or roasted peppers and has a nice oil dressing. People like to eat it with rakia (ракия), a spirit made if fruits that is typical in the Balkan.

Bulgaria was part of the Ottoman Empire for 500 years, many Turkish people still live there. Turkish food can be found all over the country. Youngsters love doner kebab(дънер кебаб) it can be bought 24 hours a day. For desert a dish called baklava(баклава) is ofter served. It is sweet pastry made of layers filled with chopped nuts and honey.

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