Folktales and Fun for Bulgarian Kids

The sweetest fruit

A father had three sons. He could not decide who deserved his inheritance after his death. So he called his sons, gave them a bag of gold and told them to go and find him the sweetest fruit. The one who would bring the most precious fruit would get the whole fortune. They returned after three years. The eldest son brought white grapes claiming that it is the sweetest fruit. The middle son went south and brought exotic fruits like banana, orange, dates. The youngest son however did not spend the gold and remained home. He went to school with teachers and books. The fruit could not be seen because it was in his heart. The father happily gave him the inheritance claiming that there is no more precious fruit than those witch give a man knowledge.

Children’s Game

Policemen and thieves (стражапи и апаши)

The children play in two teams. One of the team contains the policemen, the other one is for the thieves. The goal of the policemen is to chase the thieves until they catch all of them. After the thieves are caught they must say the password that they made up. Then the teams change and the game starts again.

Sudge (садже)

The rules are: someone passes the ball and says “Your name will be Eliza” and if you don’t want this name, you pass the ball back. If you want this name, you catch the ball. If he or she says to you “sudge” you say the name that you want. If you refuse “sudge”, you keep your previous name. This game is very interesting.

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