Bulgarian Fun Facts and Famous Places

Fun facts

John Vincent Atanassoff, the inventor of the first electronic computer, belongs to Bulgaria.

Bulgarian rose-oil , is a component of the world-famous perfumes. Bulgaria produces half of the rose oil in the world

The oldest Golden treasure in the world was found in Varna. It is over 6000 years old.

Peter Petroff, a Bulgarian, developed the first digital wristwatch of the world.

One of the most famous opera bass singers Boris Christov and Nickolai Guaurov and the beautiful soprano Raina Kabaivanska are Bulgarians.

The Voyager spacecraft launched in the 1970s carried a laser disc of ten songs believed to be representative of Earth. One of these songs was the Bulgarian tune Izlel e Deliu Haidutin from the Rhodopes region.

Famous places beside Sofia

Plovdiv (Пловдив) is the second-largest city in Bulgaria. It used to be named Philipopolis after Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. It is one of the oldest settlements in Europe. Many Roman ruins can be found here including an ancient theater.

Varna(Варна) is the biggerst seaport city. Many tourists visit it every summer for the sea and cultural festivals.

Burgas(Бургас) hosts one of the biggest festivals in Bulgaria called ’The spirit of Burgas’. Many people who love music gather here every year.

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