Camel Facts – Animal fun facts for children

Camels are well-known for the funny looking hump on their back, but camels are also some of the coolest animals out there! While a lot of people think that camels store water in their humps, this is actually wrong.

The hump on the camel’s back is made up of fatty tissue! The idea that camels store water in their hump probably came from the fact that camels can travel for days and days across the desert without water, but they can do this because their bodies do a whole bunch of special things that help them make the water inside them last a long time.

Because of the ability camels have of traveling such long distances without water, they have been a very important part of life in Africa and in parts of Asia. For ages, camels have been used by armies as a way to travel across the desert, and camel milk and camel meat are a big part of diets in those parts of the world.

While you might not have a lot of use for a camel where you live, it would sure be useful to own one if you lived near the desert and needed an animal who you could depend on!


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