Snake Facts – Animal fun facts for children

DINOLINGO All the way through history, snakes have been some of the most important animals. Whether it is in religion, in entertainment, or even in stories, snakes have stood for everything from evil to sneakiness to danger. But actually, snakes would probably be happiest if you just thought of them as interesting animals who like to eat and keep to themselves! Snakes live all over the world (on every continent except Antarctica), and they can be either very big (as long as 30 feet!) or very small (like the Barbados Threadsnake, which is only four inches long – just a tiny little fellow!). Even though snakes can come in all different sizes, there are a lot of things that are the same in all snakes, and these are some of the same things that make them seriously cool animals. One of the most interesting things about snakes is that they can eat food much bigger than their bodies! The bones in their face are set up in a way that lets them swallow large eggs and even large animals, and if you see a picture of a snake who has just eaten something like this you’ll realize how amazing this really is! Another cool thing about snakes is their tongue. You’ve probably seen pictures of a snake with its tongue out, but did you know that this is how snakes smell? That’s right! They do most of their hunting by smell, and they smell by using their tongue. Talk about talent! Snakes are sure an interesting little group of guys.


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