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For many people, learning a second language may seem like a waste of time. Time better utilized focusing on developing more practical skills. However, learning a foreign language reflects the American spirit of hard work, creativity, and diversity. There are hundreds of international celebrities who are bilingual and multilingual. Celebrities that took the time to master another language did not do so in vain.
DinoLingo conducted an online search to find out what languages famous people (including the US presidents) acquired and here are some of what we discovered.

Celebrities who speak German

DinoLingo – German for Kids

Celebrities who speak Spanish

DinoLingo – Spanish for Kids

Celebrities who speak French

DinoLingo – French for Kids

Celebrities who speak Italian

DinoLingo – Italian for kids

Celebrities who speak Chinese

DinoLingo – Chinese for Kids

Celebrities who speak Hebrew

DinoLingo – Hebrew for Kids

Celebrities who speak Japanese

DinoLingo – Japanese for Kids

Celebrities who speak Russian

DinoLingo – Russian for kids

Celebrities who speak Greek

DinoLingo – Greek for Kids

Celebrities who speak Latin

DinoLingo – Latin for Kids

Other languages

There is much conversation on early childhood development, pre-school education, and how to prepare our children for the future.  At DinoLingo, we believe teaching a 2nd language at an early age is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give as it opens a child’s mind to the world around them. Language learning prepares a child for learning!

Your child may not be destined for the stand-up comedian superstar lifestyle of Eddie Izzard or the Rock Star wardrobe and language repertoire of Gene Simmons. Some children may never even need a 2nd language in their career, however, these markets are becoming limited and it is reported that bilinguals earn 5%-20% more money than monolinguals. 

The increasing demands for globalization make learning a language more important than ever before. Doors do open, and ceilings are raised for bilinguals and multilingual across a multitude of industries. And who knows, perhaps someday your youngster will create their own industry! We want to hear from you!  Why language learning matters most to you and how your career has benefited directly or indirectly from those who speak a foreign tongue!



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