Why did the dinosaurs become extinct?


The world would have been a different place if the dinosaurs were roaming all around. But they are gone…it’s been about 65 million years…

The story goes like a giant meteor hitting Yukatan peninsula in Today’s Mexico and activating many volcanoes. The skies were covered with ashes, plants did not grow and many creatures simply could not cope with this new tough environment. Soon after the dinosaurs went extinct…

According to Dr. Sherman Silber, the reason behind the extinction of the dinosaurs was not the tough environment but a unique feature of the dinosaur eggs. The gender of a dinosaur depended on the temperature during incubation. And guess what; after the meteor hit the earth, higher temperature caused most of the dinosaur eggs turn out to be male dinosaurs!!! Unfortunately, the male dinosaurs simply did not have enough chance to mate and survive. Kind of a sad story but, definitely makes sense.

Source: Sherman J. Silber (2011). Human male infertility, the Y chromosome, and dinosaur extinction. Middle East Fertility Society Journal


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